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2016 Ellen Page Daily
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    Juno Live-read. April 8, 2017.

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    Into the Forest
    Role: Nell
    Status: Completed
    Release: Jun 3, 2016 (CA) / July 22, 2016 (US)
    Role: Tallulah
    Status: Completed
    Release: July 29, 2016 (Netflix)
    Gaycation S02 (Viceland)
    Role: Host
    Status: Completed
    Release: Sept 7, 2016
    Window Horses
    Role: Kelly (voice)
    Status: Completed
    Release: 2016
    Role: Courtney
    Status: Completed filming
    Release: Sept 29, 2017
    The Third Wave
    Role: TBA
    Status: Filming late 2016
    Release: TBA
    Sylvia Beach Project
    Role: Sylvia Beach
    Status: Pre-Production
    Release: TBA
    Role: Lucy
    Status: Completed filming
    Release: TBA
    Role: Leslie Martz
    Status: Pre-Production
    Release: TBA
    Sally Ride Project
    Role: Sally Ride
    Status: Pre-Production
    Release: TBA
    Queen & Country
    Role: Tara Chace
    Status: In Development
    Release: TBA

    Official Links

    May 14th, 2014

    “X-Men: Days of Future Past” Junket Interview with Ellen Page & Patrick Stewart

    Traileraddict.com – Junket interview with Ellen Page and Patrick Stewart, who play Kitty Pryde and Professor X respectively in X-Men: Days of Future Past. They answer various questions about the film. May 9, 2014.


    May 9th, 2014

    Tomorrow! “X-Men Days of Future Past” Global X-Perience – Live Stream/Twitter Chat

    The X-Men X-Perience is all starting tomorrow! (May 10)

    First stop will be New York – X-Men cast will will hit the red carpet live for the world premiere of their gigantic summer blockbuster. And you’ll be able to see Ellen Page, Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Patrick Stewart, Nicholas Hoult, Peter Dinklage, Fan Bingbing and Omar Sy as they arrive for the big night on Yahoo Movies.

    Live Stream:

    The action starts at 7PM ET / 4PM PT streaming directly from the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City. Hosts Ben Lyons and Louise Roe will be chatting to the entire cast and posing questions submitted by fans. To join the conversation, tweet using the hashtag #XMenLive and follow along as the cast answer your questions starting at 8AM PT / 11AM ET @xmenmovies

    There will also be a highlights feed widget posting photo and video highlights from each event across the globe.

    And if that’s not enough to satisfy your X-mania, come back on Monday, May 12 at 12:45 pm ET/9:45 am PT for the live red carpet from the UK premiere direct from London. Watch it all at movies.yahoo.com/x-men-days-of-future-past.

    Lastly, there will be a Grand Finale Tumblr chat with the cast on May 16 at xmenmovies.tumblr.com

    May 9th, 2014

    Ellen Page and Patrick Stewart on the all-star “X-Men: Days of Future Past” ensemble (Junket Interview)

    Today, HitFix Interview Ellen Page and Patrick Stewart on X-Men: Days of Future Past! May 9, 2014.

    May 8th, 2014

    Good Morning America | May 8

    The cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past appeared on Good Morning America today. Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Ellen Page and Patrick Stewart, along with producer Lauren Shuler Donner, answered questions and discussed the film. Plus we get a preview of a new X-Men scene with Kitty Pryde!

    For more news on GMA and other stuff, be sure to follow us on Twitter @ellenpagedaily_


    Also while you’re waiting for more, enjoy this little vine of the group jumping around!

    May 3rd, 2014

    (Full Article) Cineplex Magazine – Ellen Page on Kitty Pryde | May 2014 Issue + New Character Photo


    Cineplex Magazine (May 2014) – Page 43

    Kitty Pryde plays a key role in Chris Claremont’s “Days of Future Past” storyline, the Marvel Comics arc on which this month’s X-Men film is based. But Ellen Page, who first played the mutant in 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand, and returns for this month’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, didn’t know that. Her reading list tends toward volumes of eco-science and critiques of Western materialism, not comic books.

    I played Kitty when I was 18, and then to have this comeback was awesome. I didn’t expect it,” she says. “To be able to bring something to life that has such a massive fan base and has existed for so long.” The new film sees Kitty use her phasing power to send Wolverine’s mind back to his 1970s body, changing history and, with luck, averting the apocalypse. In the comic books it is Kitty who travels through time, and although it’s been changed to Wolverine for the film, he can’t do it without her help.

    Page sees the entire franchise not as a generic thrill ride, but a parable wrapped in immense visual spectacle.

    X-Men has such metaphorical importance,” she says. “A lot of people feel like outcasts, you know? And we feel like we have our imperfections and our issues. It explores something that a lot of people feel internally, the struggle to accept yourself and accept the things that make you who you are, being brave enough to be who you are in this world and have a voice.

    It almost sounds as if Page is talking about herself. Not long after our chat she announced she’s gay during a conference for LGBTQ teens in Las Vegas. Page told the crowd she was finally coming out “because I am tired of hiding and I am tired of lying by omission.”

    In conversation, Page’s tone alternates between genial, nerdy pedagogy and punky mischief. As followers of her outspoken Twitter feed know, she’s determined to use her star power as a resource for social change.

    She also shuns clichéd “girl roles” she considers sexist. “As a woman and an actor something I’ve always strived for is to play roles that offer a different perspective of what a young woman can be,” she says.

    Though she stars in stunt-driven blockbusters as well as Sundance type indies, celebrity is one role she’s not interested in playing.

    She became a star at 20 for her witty, touching turn as a pregnant teen in Juno, a performance that earned Page a Best Actress Oscar nomination and made her a fixture on the glittering awards season circuit.

    But when the race ended she turned her back on Hollywood’s paparazzi culture and returned to the land, getting her hands seriously dirty at the Lost Valley Education and Event Centre outside Eugene, Oregon, where she studied sustainable design. Weeks spent shovelling goat manure into pushcarts and harvesting her urine as compost fertilizer was exactly the break she needed.

    She still favours down-market duds, loathes shopping, rides the streetcar in Toronto and hangs out in L.A. bookstores.

    And, while she’s drawn to movies about “people who decide to devote themselves to this mission of achieving justice,” Page says, “I don’t believe in eye-for-an-eye. The most incredible, sustainable, beautiful movements have been non-violent movements of civil disobedience.

    Page’s next battle with injustice is the gay-rights drama Freeheld, which stars Julianne Moore as her lover, and starts filming later this year in September in New York.


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